Kristy Champney, Photographer

Hi there! My name is Kristy Champney and I’m the gal behind Wildhearted One.

Home for me is Crawford, located in the beautiful South Burnett Region in QLD Australia, where I live with my husband, daughter, border collie, cows and boisterous horses on our fourth generational family farm. I love where I live and feel very fortunate that I get to live and work in the country, I think there’s something truly special about rural Australia and I love raising my little family here.

My passion for photography developed early in life from my beautiful Nan who introduced me to my first film camera, which at the time was mainly used to take photos of the family dog and gardens. I bought my first DSLR camera and nifty fifty lens in 2017 after years of dreaming about it. Every spare second was spent watching Youtube tutorials, attending workshops and picking up the camera and shooting anything and everything that moved. Lucky for me I had a daughter who at first loved getting her photo taken, but that wore thin very quick ha-ha. I then turned to our cattle for practice, they were always so intrigued by the click of the camera and would never complain about their photo being taken. Some of my best photos are of our heard! Fast forward a few years later and I’m lucky enough to now shoot families, couples, newborn babies, beautiful Mammas to be and even weddings! I’m pretty damn lucky!

Creamy golden afternoon light and earthy tones sing to my soul. My favourite time of the day to shoot is either late afternoon or early morning when the sun is just above the horizon, where the light is softer, warmer and creamier, where sun flares are just a given, this is where the magic happens. My favourite kind of storytelling is the visual kind, the kind that makes you feel. The kind that tells a story. I love that an image can capture moments in time, making lasting, honest memories for generations to come. Some of my most cherished possessions are photos of my loved ones. I have a fairly relaxed shooting style which consists of candid, honest images. Whether it’s families, couples, engagement, maternity or lifestyle sessions, I love nothing more than being able to capture them being their absolute true selves. I find that the most authentic images come from candid, honest moments. Between sessions, you will usually find me out on the farm in a paddock somewhere with my daughter chasing that last golden light to get the magic shot. That’s how I fill my cup.

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