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    ~ Showcasing the Heart of Australia ~

    Issue #8 of Kickin Up Dust Magazine


Kickin Up Dust is an Australian owned, run, printed and distributed publication that works to showcase the heart of Australia. A beautiful coffee table style book packed full of stunning images collected from people all over our diverse and exhilarating country.

We work to share the stories and images of the blood, sweat and love of rural people in Australia. We are dedicated to the hard-working and big-hearted farmers, businesses, entrepreneurs, families and individuals that tirelessly sacrifice.

A country lifestyle magazine of rural Australia, Kickin Up Dust

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Kickin Up Dust Magazine showcases the real, the raw and the remarkable parts of our amazing rural landscape. It features the salt-of-the-earth people and we would love to include YOU in our business directory.

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The everyday images that tell a story and the downright awe inspiring moments that capture this country's glory.  We want to see Australia through your eyes and fill the pages of KUD with your captures to showcase the real, the raw and the remarkable parts of our amazing rural landscape, it's salt-of-the-earth people and the hard working, happy go lucky lifestyle. 

Would you like to play a part in weaving the charm of rural Australia into the pages of Kickin Up Dust Magazine? Submissions are now open for 2021.