Nay Mullins, Photographer

I'm Nay Mullins, the Photographer behind DNM Photography. I was born and raised a country girl and I have never let that go.

The small country town of Allora is where I call home, you will find me on our family run dairy farm, this is where I love to capture those moments that I know we will cherish forever. My camera is never to far away from the day to day life of living on a farm. Sometime getting myself into trouble for being to involved in capturing rather then working.

I love to meet new faces and capture the connections and love that they have. Being able to create memories for people is amazing.

Following the golden hour throughout the year with beautiful people to go along with it is my favourite part of photography. Every session means I get to create.


Farm Feature - The Mullins Family

Issue #8 Kickin Up Dust Magazine

As a wife of a dairy farmer, I could see the effects of the drought really taking its toll when we sat down to speak with Norco for an Advertisement they were doing on the drought and their farmers.

I watched my husband speak, holding back the tears telling them that he was a 6th generational dairy farmer and this is the worst it had been in all those years. Also telling them how much the farm meant to him and his family and he would hate to see this ruin them.

At the time our son was 18 months old and never seen effective rain and now days at the age of 3 the rain and clouds fascinate him so much. He is going to be to young to remember the worst of it, but I’m sure he will look at photos in years to come and remember parts of it.

I watched my husband and his brother work day in and out trying not to worry about the lack of rain and where they are going to get the cow feed from and the cost of that feed. I just wanted to be able to fix it but had no way of doing it.

We have been lucky compared to some with not running out of water for the cattle. Our water supply for the irrigation systems comes from the creek and our dam which both had dried up over a period of time. We are just grateful that the bore supply was enough for the cattle.

As the seasons have definitely been a lot kinder to us in the recent months and our property is green again with our winter crops in the ground and we have silage buns full again. But the years of accumulated feed debt and the ongoing costs of trying to rebuild our stored feed reserves, the financial and physical stresses of the drought still linger on and they are going to do so for years to come.

As I reflect on the last few years and what it has been like for us and farmers that haven’t been able to survive the drought and for the farmers that are still battling the bloody drought, we feel very lucky to have got the rain when we did to be able to plant our winter crops. Hopefully we can start to try and rebuild and things start to look up a little and those dreaded bills can slowly be paid off and our farm can produce and supply our cattle with the nutritional feed they need to produce some top quality milk for the consumers to drink.

Documenting our days through my photography sometimes seems very time consuming but then when I look at even photos and videos I have taken on my phone you can see the landscape change so much. Just wanted to thank Kickin Up Dust for allowing me to tell you a little bit of our story

Naomi Mullins | The Mullins Family