Leititia Capner, Hype Woman & Admin Guru

Leititia originally joined the KUD tribe as one of our incredible Ambassadors featured in Issue #7. But, her wealth of experience combined with an effervescent personality soon saw Leititia evolve into our vivacious & talented Administrative Guru!


Ambassador Feature Issue #7 - Ambassador code: Leititia10

Hey everyone! My name is Leititia Capner, I am absolutely thrilled to be a Kickin’ Up Dust Brand Ambassador 2021. I am 23 years old and I am from the Lockyer Valley, Qld, born and raised. Both of my parents and grandparents are from the area and growing up in a small town gives you the true sense of community.

I remember when I was younger of course I had the dreams of being a princess, a doctor or a teacher. I think my dream might of changed every couple of days, the only consistent thing was that I wanted to help people.

When I was in high school I studied a certificate four in Justice Studies and that’s when I started to fall in love with the idea of law, I initially wanted to join the Defence Force, then I thought of the Police Service. Unfortunately those plans didn’t come in to action, so I tried something different.

I worked in a primary school and that was definitely a change of pace but so rewarding being able to help the students exceed and smash their goals, it was a short 6 months at the school then I was off on my next adventure. The next role I took on was a receptionist at a law firm.

I love being able to help people; to have daily interactions with new people. I never expected myself to be working in law, but I always knew I’d be doing something that helps people.

My advice for anyone who is working full time as well as working with a brand as one of their ambassadors is: “coffee is going to be your best friend!” Just kidding, my best advice and pointers would be is to know your limits. I think it’s absolutely fantastic to help and get involved and be really present but remember to take some time for yourself. It’s all about a work life balance and this is so important to remember and really reinforce taking time for yourself.

I think my biggest plan is to travel and enjoy life, which currently looks like obscene trips to Bunnings for my garden. I don’t just want to travel the world but to travel Australia to see as much as I can and make as many memories as possible with those I love.

If someone asked me what my favourite KUD product was I don’t think I could say I have a favourite KUD product but I do I love the extra tall travel cup with a straw and the boyfriend dress! I have to admit my favourite part about working with KUD is you get the opportunity to work with such a creative team, meeting people from throughout Australia and being able to help showcase the heart of Australia!

Since working with the team at Kickin’ Up Dust I’ve just fell more and more in love with their products and their values.

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