Nay Mullins ~My Days~

A little about Nay Mullins (Me) my life on our familyrun dairy and my photography journey. My photography has been such a beautiful learning journey, growing and developing my style has been my biggest enjoyments. The sunsets and golden hour are my favourite time to bring my creative side out. Natural light is my best friend. Warm tones and free style is my love.

Bringing “our days” to you through my Instagram page @naymullins_dnmphotography has been such an amazing part of my photography journey, this started when we got the exciting news we were expecting our first baby. Becoming parents has been such a dream for us and it wasn’t an easy road. After years of trying so many avenues, we found ourselves taking the IVF Road. A road that brought us our adventurous, gentle, cheeky little boy Ned who is 2 and a half. He is our world and documenting his/our days on our familyrun dairy farm brings me so much happiness. (The farm is based just outside Allora Qld and we milk 250 Holstein cows with about 450 stock all up. We are Norco Milk suppliers).

It also allows me to show my followers some of the everyday life of being on the land/dairy farm. Days on the farm are long and hard work for all involved in running it. Its something that my husband has been born into and he is so passionate about being proactive in making improvements to the farm which will benefit the cows and us.

Through my images and from Ned’s point of view I hope to share a little more insight into what else happens around the farm on a daily basis with my followers.

“Our Days” is my little project and I have such a love for sharing some of that with you all. Documenting “your days” the special moments in your life is also something that I adore doing. The storytelling of your family and special events is so much more then me coming and you smiling at the camera. It’s about me getting to know you and capturing your personalities. It’s capturing special family moments like a wedding, a baby bump to a newborn and everything in between. I am a huge believer in being natural and not making people be overly posed. The in-between shots end up being my favourite. Capturing children is about letting them be and not about them looking and smiling at the camera. It’s about capturing their traits and the stage of their childhood they are in.

I am currently involved in workshops with @ creatingstoriesco in bringing our community together through visual storytelling. This has been such a wonderful collaboration to be involved in and I am excited to see where it is going to take our little town of Allora as well as my own personal journey in story telling. Bringing “Our Days” & “Your Days” together has been such an amazing journey for me and I am looking forward to sharing a lot more with you.

My Facebook Page is DNM Photography, Instagram is @naymullins_dnmphotography my email is

👉  This story excerpt is from Issue #4 of Kickin Up Dust magazine: October 2020