Meet Ciara

Michelle Douglas encountered the wonder of Australia while carrying her first daughter. She instantly fell in love with the heart of Australia and all it had to offer. Back in Northern Ireland where all of Michelle’s family lived at the time, baby Ciara was born. A war-torn country with generations of pain and turmoil, Northern Ireland was an extremely difficult place to live, let alone raise a family.

At the age of five, Ciara was already having horse riding lessons and had a natural love of horses. In the Douglas’ small country family home, gathered around an old wooden dining table on a cold Irish night Michelle asked Ciara an important question, “Ciara, how would you feel about moving to Australia?”. Ciara replied back maturely, “I don’t care where you take me in the world as long I can have a horse and a far m.” From that moment life would change for the Douglas family, all their belongings were packed and the journey half way around the world to the beautiful city of Perth had begun.

Six months into Aussie life the Douglas parents kept their promise to Ciara and purchased a small hobby farm along with two off-the-track horses. In the following years, Ciara was given the rewarding opportunity to learn the ways of horsemanship along with the educational experiences it provides. Ciara has now developed a successful business of horse training, re-educating and coaching. Qualified in equine business and management along with years of hands on experience. Ciara teaches holistic horsemanship and brings a pure, trusting and genuine caring approach to her horses, business and students. Along with her love of horses Ciara understands local farming methods and the sustainability of working the land.

A mothers love truly knows no bounds. For Michelle, all she wanted was to help Ciara live her dreams with horses on a farm in Australia. And Ciara, forever grateful to her mother, with a smile on her face and a tip of her cowgirl hat thanks Australia for everything it has given her.

Photography: Chris Himing @chris_himing_photography

Models: Ciara Douglas @ciaradouglas1, Michelle Douglas @michelle.douglas_modelling

Featuring Spartan the Kelpie & Il Vincero

Styling: Black Colt Clothing @black_colt_clothing

Location: Moore River, Western Australia

👉  This story excerpt is from Issue #3 of Kickin Up Dust magazine: August 2020