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Lavinia grew up on her Dad’s Broadacre cropping and livestock Farm in Scaddan, 50kms North East of Esperance. Here she resides, when not in Perth, working on a variety of projects within the Agricultural Space.

Lavinia has spent half her life in the city, completing secondary school and university in Perth. She graduated from Curtin University in 2017, with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Public Relations which is where she developed a passion for communications.

She jumped into the deep end in Mid 2017 when headhunted for her first job. Working for the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia’s IGA Perth Royal Show, she created their Social Media Strategy. This role gave Lavinia her first glimpse of the great need for better Agricultural Communications. After a brief stint in a creative agency in Perth, Lavinia knew she was destined to work for herself. Starting Lavinia Wehr Social in April 2018, she did just that. Being 22 at the time her parents told her ‘you’ve got nothing to lose’.

Lavinia believes there is no time like the present to be educating, marketing and sharing agricultural and rural businesses through social media. More businesses are realising the power of social media marketing! To name a few, Lavinia has been working with a variety of Chemical companies, Agtech Startups and charities, including Farmers Across Borders and more to developing and showcasing awareness in the community of agriculturally driven ideas and initiatives.

Lavinia has also played a big role in the growth of Digital in WA becoming an SMPerth: STATE of SOCIAL ambassador. State of SOCIAL is one of the biggest digital conferences in the Southern Hemisphere. At the end of 2019, Lavinia co-founded a Podcast and Media company based in the Agricultural sector, titled, Generation Ag with Kayla Evans. Lavinia and Kayla saw a gap in the market and decided to pursue it. The Podcast has quickly grown a following of over 2000 people. Generation Ag interviews a variety of people within the agricultural industry who thrive in their respective areas. Recently they were invited to Evoke Ag in Melbourne to interview a variety of young leaders and speakers.

Lavinia is excited for the future of the Agricultural Industry. Although she has no idea what the next stage of career holds, she can’t wait to work on more projects and help Agricultural Businesses thrive.

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👉  This story excerpt is from Issue #4 of Kickin Up Dust magazine: October 2020