Brisbane Equine Rehoming

Brisbane Equine Rehoming was founded in 2008 to help save slaughter bound horses and give them a second chance it is owned by The Wagner family, four generations of cattle farmers and horseman from way back. Located on 500 acres of lush rolling mountains of Kilcoy.

The team consists of Alan, Greg, Graham and Tyler Wagner, Amanda, Katherine and Donna, who all come from a range of equine disciplines and veterinary backgrounds ensuring the horses we rehome are well tested prior to finding new homes.

Katherine with her extensive marketing experience used facebook as platform to sell our horses but in 2019 facebooks laws about selling animals changed, our page was deleted without warning and our history and over 10000 followers were lost, but we are slowly rebuilding.

Since 2008, 100’s of horses every year have been saved from slaughter, trialled, tested and rehomed.

Some of the horses we have had come through the sales have been truly astonishing, such good honest horses that have gone onto successful careers in multi disciplines, trail rides or happy forever homes.

When you love what you do, its never work and thats how we feel about being privileged enough to find these beautiful creatures a second chance!

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👉  This story excerpt is from Issue #5 of Kickin Up Dust magazine: December 2020