Dust off Depression

Established in 2017 by Zoe Hayes this movement & small rural business was created in the aim to smash the stigmas around mental health focusing on anxiety & depression while hoping to provide support & suicide prevention methods.

Dust Off Depression prides itself on always paying it forward to others less fortunate or struggling with mental health issues (particularly Australian farmers).

With bright, bold & daring merchandise it’s been proven to spark thousands of conversations not just Australia wide but also globally, encouraging demographics of all ages to speak & open up about their own feelings & thoughts. It’s sinced formed a very close & supportive community for anyone struggling with having a rough day, week, month right up to suffering & being diagnosed with a mental illness.

Proceeds are paid forward into providing suicide prevention materials free of charge to anyone who is having a tough time & since starting in 2018 has donated over $35,000 to pastoralists doing it tough & will continue to raise awareness, provide better education & funding for those needing medical & professional help.

About Zoe the founder

Zoe has devoted her life to mental health awareness & suicide prevention. Zoe’s firsthand experienced the suffering & trauma these cruel illnesses have when her own mother suicide in 2012 & also having been hospitalized for a suicide attempt herself in 2016. Zoe knows the darkness of depression but is living proof that with a positive outlook, a strong support network & professional medical help; you can turn your life around!

Zoe has experienced many battles through life, a violent childhood home from her abusive father, her parents’ messy separation, mother’s suicide, becoming a single mother; facing the birth of her first child alone & her dads death in 2019; however this resilient twenty five year old continues to spread light, encouragement & empowerment openly discussing very personal, venerable & private topics on her social media platforms (@ itszoehayes).

Zoe’s proudest achievement with her passion, dedication & hard work in rural mental health awareness was in 2018 being award as the Weekly Times winner sponsored by Harvey Norman for the courageous category.

Zoe hopes that keeping to her raw, venerable & authentic self she can not only inspire others to have a voice surrounding their own struggles but also give back into society, showing that with love, kindness, hard work & compassion the social stigmas can be kicked to the curb.

Website: https://dustoffdepression.com/

👉  This story excerpt is from Issue #5 of Kickin Up Dust magazine: December 2020